The Word 2 DokuWiki Converter, contained in the template, intelligently converts Microsoft Word document content, including images, to DokuWiki syntax. I created it when I was given the task of finding a tool that converted Word documents, including contained images to DokuWiki syntax.

It is based on the Word2DokuWiki macro found here and a removeImages function created by someone who only identified himself as Olivier. I took their code, modified them, combined the two, added some more features and then wrapped them in a Word template to make it more user-friendly (user just has to click a button to use, now GUI-based).

The Word 2 DokuWiki Converter saves the DokuWiki syntax to a file instead of to the clipboard. It extracts all images and places them in another folder then intelligently creates links to the images in the DokuWiki syntax document based on user-input for the image location in the wiki.

Since it is easier to use when called by clicking a button in Word as the macro itself calls a Form, then I put everything in a template which you can then easily import in your copy of Word and use right away without any difficult pre-configurations.


Below is a screenshot which shows the Word to DokuWiki Converter button on the toolbar and also the screen that pops up when the button is clicked.


This was developed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Usage requires a copy of Microsoft Word that supports Visual Basic macros.

Also, your Macro security settings in Word should be set to at least Medium. To do this, go to Tools->Macro->Security and ensure that the Security Level is set to at least Medium.


You may get the Word 2 DokuWiki Converter here.



To have the Word2DokuWiki feature available from a button in all your Word documents, just place the downloaded file in the user's startup folder on your computer:

In Windows 20000 and Windows XP this folder is something like C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP where USERNAME is your username on your computer.

Alternatively, you can load the template by opening Word, going to Tools->Templates and Add-ins, then under the Templates tab, click the Add button and browse to the file to add, then check to enable.


Following either method in STEP 1 will add the template to your global templates. This will then add a Word2DokuWiki button in your toolbar in Word. Click the button to run the Word to DokuWiki converter.


IF THERE ARE NO IMAGES IN THE SOURCE = 1 text file with DokuWiki syntax

IF THERE ARE IMAGES IN THE SOURCE = 1 IMAGES folder containing images and 1 text file

All created files are located in the same folder as the source file.


  1. Only jpg, png and gif files will be properly converted.
  2. If a text file already exists with the same name as the created file with the DokuWiki syntax, this file will be overwritten. However, there is code in the document to give the user the option to rename the document. You will need to know how to view the code for the form. Comment out lines 935-971 of the form code and comment lines 973-982 to give users the option to specify the name. Please note that this will not rename the images folder. The IMAGES folder will be called based on the original name of the file. However, code to change the IMAGES folder name can be easily added.
  3. Any change involving a non-default location of the resulting text file will need to address moving IMAGES folder to same location as text file.

*****KNOWN ISSUES*****

I did not have time to fix the issues below as they were discovered a couple days before and also after I left the company. The documents they were tested on before that point had worked. I hope to fix them one day. But, for now, I will post them so that users are aware of them and also in case anyone else wants to take a crack at resolving them. They are:

* = problems that I got a chance to replicate. Others on the list above were reported to me after I left.