The State Of Mobile In 2013

Today I stumbled on a recent infographic from Super Monitoring showing the state of mobile in the world. It contains a lot of useful information for both marketers and developers. For instance:

  • As of earlier this year, a smartphone is the mobile device of choice for more than half of us worldwide.
  • Android’s market share has been steadily improving.
  • Facebook accounts for fully 18% of all activity on our smartphone devices while games in general account for the majority of smartphone activity (32%).
  • One in three mobile searches have local intent versus one in five for PCs. Combined with the fact that mobile advertising is very effective, this means that many small and midsize businesses have much to gain by optimizing their websites for mobile devices and also investing in some mobile marketing.
  • In addition, a high percentage of tablet owners (72%) make a weekly purchase from their tablet. So small business owners and marketers should be pushing for their companies’ websites to be responsive, i.e. a site that adapts its layout based on the device from which it is accessed.
  • Furthermore, 91% of mobile internet access is for social activities versus just 79% on desktops.
  • Global companies should note that 50% of global mobile web users use their mobile device as their primary or only means of going online and mobile traffic accounts for 15% of all global web traffic.

There are many more little nuggets of info in the infographic so go take a good look at it now.

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