The State Of Mobile In 2013

Today I stumbled on a recent infographic from Super Monitoring showing the state of mobile in the world. It contains a lot of useful information for both marketers and developers. For instance:

  • As of earlier this year, a smartphone is the mobile device of choice for more than half of us worldwide.
  • Android’s market share has been  …

This Is Your Customer In Five Years

Below is a repost of my original article that first appeared in Sparksheet.

The photo messaging app, snapchat is popular among teens. Image via
The photo messaging app Snapchat is popular among mobile-loving teens. Image via

I recently spent six months living with my cousin and her 13-year-old son – let’s call him Jason. Jason owns a top-of-the-line, gaming-quality laptop and a high-end smartphone.

…


Welcome to my blog!

I recently decided to make a real full-time go at the consulting I’ve been doing on the side for the past year.

Actually, I have been doing freelance web development and marketing consulting work for a few years now. With an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, it’s probably no surprise that … Read More >>